• This is your opportunity to join a collaborative coaching project. 12 authors/coaches will join together to write a best seller, produce an online course, and each participant will receive proceeds from their sales. 
  • We will select the coaches and authors based on the theme of Dominate the Decade. Each chapter will stand alone and will be used as an introduction of your services to a greater audience. There will be non competing coaching topics. (healers, life coaching, goal focused, persevearance, value and impact, etc)
  • We will deliver the following products: Completed Book, Individual Ebook, Coaching Course (1 topic per month), with plenty of income possibilities. 
  • PLUS: Individual Clickfunnel Completely Built For Promotion of your individual and group work. 
"Dominate the Decade: It's all about who we are and what we do. Based on the results of Dominate the Decade, authors and coaches receive the label of Best Seller, leverage the influence of others brands and audiences, and quantum leap their individual projects. 

I'm looking for elite coaches and authors who desire to gain additional visibility and profitability to join me along with eleven others in being a catalyst for creating the culture of change and igniting the courage for massive immediate imperfect action. 

Are you one of the eleven or who do you know?"

- Derrick Butts, Founder of Assist U2 Win
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